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"Thank you to the dads who started training their daughters while they were young. I just continued what they started at home."

These disturbing words came out of the mouth of a pimp.

     One who nefariously takes and offers these young victims of sexual abuse to other men for further, even more violent abuse, at a high price. Incest and sexual abuse occur at alarming rates every day, in homes in every town across our country. Innocent children are abused at the hands of those who should be valuing and protecting them. The girls and boys who find themselves trapped in abuse at home often run away, only to end up caught in another nightmare: the sex trade.

     What fuels this kind of demand for our daughters and sons?

What drives dads and men to use and abuse, to exploit and sell these innocent souls?

     The largest contributor is pornography. Pornography is like poison. It destroys. It exploits. It dehumanizes. From the subtle to the obvious, pornography feeds the sexual desires of men (and women) and drives many of them to act out violent, sexual crimes on our daughters and sons. Internet pornography is so easily accessible. With every click of the mouse men and women find themselves lured again and again to pixels on a screen. This drives them further into their sexual addiction, often progressing from looking at images to needing a live body, whether adult or child, to satisfy that inner craving.

     It's hard to accept that parts of our culture so integrated in our daily lives are driving the demand for sexual abuse and sex trafficking. Yet it is something that we must accept and begin to challenge, in order to start changing the sexualized culture in which we live. What can you do? Begin speaking out and raising awareness. Tell one person today how pornography feeds the demand for sexual abuse, harassment, and trafficking. The time for silence is over. The time to begin the conversation is now.


Somebody's Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography Darkness to Light: End Child Sexual Abuse 1-800-Runaway: "When Going Home Isn't an Option" National Human Trafficking Hotline:1.888.3737.888 Wellspring for Girls Program -  for survivors of the child sex trade

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Occasionally we feel compelled to write and share about current events or topics related to pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse. Our blog is the outlet for when those urges strike, so sign up and look for new posts in the near future! 

It is our hope with our blog that readers will be encouraged, challenged, empowered, and compelled to speak up about these isues as we work together to create the kind of culture that honors all women.

We hope you will enjoy reading our archived posts published here that had been previously published on our Wordpress blog.

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