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Hercules had met the female online

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The recent story about this 12-year-old found in a hotel room with an online predator is disturbing, as well it should be.

(Read the full story here.)  

What if this man were your son, brother, husband? 

Thank God this family's 12-year-old daughter was found and is safe. This should be a good reminder to all parents to be aware of what your child is doing online, who she is chatting with, and where she is going when she leaves the house.

It’s also easy to condemn this man for acting out in this way against an innocent child. All sorts of comments are flying around about killing or maiming him and so on, which can help to release our disgust, and yet, would we say the same kinds of things if it were our own family member?

While this might be a disturbing thing to consider, it is something that must be faced because these stories are being released with increasing frequency: What if this man were your son, brother, husband, uncle, or friend? What if he were related to a friend of yours and that friend needed support to navigate this situation?

The fact is that these men do not grow up with the dream of becoming pedophiles and rapists. There are more questions that beg answers: what drives a man to sexually prey on children and women? And are we, as a society, partly responsible because we fail to speak out about sexual exploitation? Or worse yet recognize it when we see it?

Are we willing to offer help and resources to those who struggle with pornography and sex addiction before more innocent children become targets?

Again, thank God this child was found and is safe. May justice rule, and may this man also get the help he so obviously needs.

And may each one of us do our part in our own communities by:

1) raising awareness about these issues every time we have an opportunity.
2) reaching out with love and offering resources to those who need help.
3) partnering with other organizations and groups to build a support network in our communities.


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