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She knew exactly what he was up to as he tried to stalk her through the store in her community. After looking the trafficker in the eye and saying 'NO!', she heard him say into his phone as he left the store: "Oh, #&@*, she knows how this thing works.”

This incident took place at a Dollar General store and because 'Beatrice' was aware of the issue of trafficking, her bold response let him know that she would not become his next victim.

Are you aware?

Are you aware that traffickers are present in your community and mine? Are you aware that they are always looking for their next victim? Are you aware that sexual exploitation is happening in every community in our country? There are no exceptions.     

For those immersed in the knowledge of these issues of injustice it seems that awareness is already taking place and sometimes it’s hard for us to understand that many still do not know what is happening in their very own communities. 

Raising awareness in every community is a gap that needs to be addressed if we hope to end the sexual victimization of our sons and daughters.

Raising awareness and speaking truth is one of the components that She’s Somebody’s Daughter focuses on through billboards, posters, our website, and public presentations.


Raising Awareness with Two New Billboards
We are excited about our two new billboards!

An additional billboard with an updated design has been posted in Oklahoma City, OK (5th highest state for human trafficking).
A second billboard has been posted in York, PA in a strategic location on Rt. 83N right before heading into Harrisburg, driving past a billboard for a popular gentleman’s club.

Both boards point people to our website where they can get help, get the facts, and get involved.


Raising Awareness with Posters SSDPoster2Screen opt

Our second poster has just been released!!
This poster can be printed or shared online to help raise awareness in your own community!

This has been designed as the kind of poster that can be placed in stores, churches, schools, businesses, etc. asking others to think about what kind of community they want to live in or help to build. A next step - outreach , can then begin to happen.

Awareness in Your Community

William Wilberforce​, a well-known abolitionist from the 18th century, spoke words of truth that are still true today, once awareness enters your world: "You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know."   

When awareness begins to happen in every community across the country – making it possible for our daughters and sons to be protected and valued, traffickers won’t have such an easy time finding their next victim as ‘Beatrice’ proved. Pornographers won’t have as large an audience turning our sons and daughters into users and exploiters. And those living under the cloud of oppression will become part of our communities as we erase the lines through outreach, creating a circle of compassion.

What is your community doing to raise awareness?

Let us know how we can help you get involved in raising awareness and begin to build the kind of community that truly honors women.

Read full article about 'Beatrice' here.


Serving Our Communities

It takes a community... 

Close to 100 people have stepped up to the plate to serve in some way:

  • food teams
  • gift team
  • visiting team
  • office/admin work
  • offering billboard space
  • donor management
  • giving financially
  • photography
  • representing SSD at events
  • praying faithfully

We are truly thankful for each person who so generously supports She's Somebody's Daughter.

Through our outreach efforts we have served meals and interacted with 75 strip club employees inside and outside of the club this month.

Raising Awareness:
A billboard is a community service ad that cannot be changed or fast-forwarded!
Every posted billboard is reaching tens of thousands of drivers weekly:

  • Oklahoma City, OK: 325,000  
  • York, PA: 164,000
  • Dauphin Co., PA: 94,000 
  • Nashville, TN: 100,000



She's Somebody's Daughter Blog

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Occasionally we feel compelled to write and share about current events or topics related to pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse. Our blog is the outlet for when those urges strike, so sign up and look for new posts in the near future! 

It is our hope with our blog that readers will be encouraged, challenged, empowered, and compelled to speak up about these isues as we work together to create the kind of culture that honors all women.

We hope you will enjoy reading our archived posts published here that had been previously published on our Wordpress blog.

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Please contact us for more information as needed.

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