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A new billboard was just posted in Oklahoma City!

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If you live in the OKC area and could send a nice photo, we'd love to collect a few more!

One of our main goals at She's Somebody's Daughter is to raise awareness and speak truth about sexual exploitation, while encouraging others to honor women.

While attending a recent meeting about the issue of sexual exploitation and trafficking, one of the items on our agenda was the importance of raising awareness. This continues to be a gap in many communities across the country.

Thank you to our volunteers in OKC who help us raise awareness by: 

  • Speaking to hundreds of middle/high school students on our behalf about these important issues - for some students it's the first time they are hearing about the dangers of sexual exploitation.
  • Professional photos and permission for these photos to be used on the billboard, new poster design (coming soon!) and social media
  • Raising/providing funds which helped us post this billboard and create a new poster, so raising awareness can continue - this particular billboard will reach over 300,000 motorists weekly with the truth of this life-giving message pointing them to get help, get the facts, and get involved
  • Representing SSD at a strategic human trafficking meeting as we build a network across the country with other groups and recovery homes moving together in the same direction.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming months about a 5K run and a benefit concert – each being organized by two volunteer advocates with Voices in the Dark and Stop the Traffic!! 

Working together we are making a difference!

Learn more and Get Involved.



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Occasionally we feel compelled to write and share about current events or topics related to pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse. Our blog is the outlet for when those urges strike, so sign up and look for new posts in the near future! 

It is our hope with our blog that readers will be encouraged, challenged, empowered, and compelled to speak up about these isues as we work together to create the kind of culture that honors all women.

We hope you will enjoy reading our archived posts published here that had been previously published on our Wordpress blog.

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